Electronic Key Safe

Electronic Key Safe


Keys are locked securely inside the cabinet, which can only be opened with correct authorisation such as PIN/Card access. The door will unlock, and the user will only be able to remove keys that they have access to (indicated by an LED). The C.Q.R.iT® is simple to access while maintaining security of your valuable assets.


To ensure that there is no weak link in the chain of security, key bunches are secured using Tamper-Proof Key Rings® that prevent inappropriate removal. The individually-serialised key ring secures your keys to a carrier key that fits in a unique key position in the cabinet.

Advantages of the C.Q.R.iT® System

  • Know who accessed company assets e.g. vehicles.
  • Identify those responsible for speeding/parking fines.
  • Reduce theft and stock losses.
  • Reduce the cost of replacing keys or re-keying locks.
  • Stop unauthorised access to restricted areas.
  • Know when your keys are accessed and returned.

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